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i own this forum...

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of course i havent been to the track yet.....damn clutch
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why do u own the forum?? ur car isnt that special. just another lude w/ bolt ons. im not trying to clown..but ull need more than that to own this forum.
fuck u...u wanna talk shiet lets race....u live in nor cali...ill be there in april...lets set up a race
oh wow!!! a turbo aint shiet. by april i got somethin for u. all u can hear is my vtec pop...and imma be gone.

hey danmak...have u brought ur car to the track yet. what's done to ur car??
my comments were directed toward ludeaction...and i wasnt doggin on turbo cars. my friend is running a turbo b20 in his hatch and i love driving it. i do believe hatches like mine have the potentail to make the fast times, without all the power potential ur talkin about. i know a guy w/ a white hatch w/ a stroked gsr running consistent mid 11's. he is daily driven and smoke the shiet out of everybody. i think he dynoed at around 250 whp....and im not to sure on the torque. that shows that u dont need all that much hp to get a civic fast. and if ur wondering....he only gutted the rear. sure u can always slap a turbo on ur car..but can u ever get the power on the road?? traction is the main issue these days w/ hondas....and if ur not sportin the slicks or wheelie bars everyday than all that power w/ ur turbo is wasted.

like ben95 ex said..its easy to make a fast car when u turbocharge it....but more respectable all motor. even though i like turbo cars, i would never turbo my car. it takes a lot more skill to make an N/A motor work.
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1 - 5 of 36 Posts
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