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i own this forum...

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of course i havent been to the track yet.....damn clutch
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count me in too!!! :D
I don't know about the actual horsepower potential... But they can definitely run equal times. It wouldn't be my choice to go for an all-motor drag car. I'm just trying to prove you can hit 12's on this motor in all-motor form. By winter time it will be boosted. My goal is just to have an 11 second ride...
Hey danmakG60, Didn't you have a different car earlier in the post... What's the deal?
I know the potential of a turbocharged motor... I used to have a turbocharged '93 prelude si... On 11lbs i was hittin' 272 horses and 213lb-ft of tq. All i had was a thicker headgasket, Block Gaurd and a lot of tuning... I know my way around a turbocharged car but you don't see a 12 second all-motor honda everyday... That's the reason i'm doing all-motor. That's the reason people do all-motor. It's nice to be the underdog sometimes... I know when i had the Prelude i was expected to run 12's. And then when i'd have a bad pass or something would break (as turbo cars pushin' decent power usually do) people would get to talkin' about how that's sux, "His car's slow for turbo..." Then when i'd make a 12 sec. pass they'd say, "Oh, well it's turbocharged, he should be runnin' that fast!"

With this car i wanted to prove to people it could be done without forced induction. Believe me, it WILL be turbocharged and it WILL hit 11's... I could do it with an all-motor car. I just don't have the time and patience and yes, the know how to hit an "11 second daily driven all-motor car" pass...
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Neither am i... i'm just tryin' tah "school you to some game young'n":p... Just wanted to let you know turbo ain't the only way to get a crazy time. That's all...:D
Yo, i like where you comin' from UNIDEX... I too like all-motor, but my first love is turbo! Can't stop goin' back... I just wanna show fools that it don't take boost to hit 12's. After that it's off to 11's... ;) hehehehe...
1 - 7 of 36 Posts
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