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i have a 95 integra gsr that has 110,000 miles on it. and i wanna go turbo. i know thats high mileage and ill go do a compression check to make sure my motor is still running strong but im sure it is cause this car has been babied like crazy. well i wanan go the junk yard route and boost low like 5-6 psi would work for me very well. i read this website a few times over now
i dont know how much you guys like it but i found it to be informative and a bit helpful..if you know of a better site let me know id like to check it out.
well heres my parts list

1. Downpipe
2. Turbo Manifold
3. Turbo
4. Silicone hoses/Clamps
5. Intercooler
6. Various Pipes
7. Oil line for turbo and various fittings for check valves, oil return etc...
8. Blow off valve
9. Wastegate
10. Fmu
11. map sensor bypass valve
12. guages

does this look like a good complete list..i wanna finish it up in a year hopefully and have a boosted gsr..if any of you can shed some light on this maybe give me som insight or if you think this would be a bad idea to do let me know
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