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i want a smooth sounding exhaust

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i have a dx civic coupe and i want a smooth exhaust that is loud at high revs but not over the top.

so no n-1 or the loud tanabe tooo loud.
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My Vibrant is very nice. I don't hardly notice it when i'm cruisin, but as soon as I get on it, you can tell. I just have an axle back one, but it is all stainless.

What about Remus?
My Matrix axle-back is sooo smooth on my DX, I love it. The tone throughout the powerband is very enjoyable, I got mine for 217 shipped from Summit Racing.
Nothing but good things about Tanabe, DC, and maybe the Greddy SP, all somewhat quiet...
hey man...

im running a tenzo R catback, it she sounds sooooo sweet. all burbly when i downshift, semi-quiet at highway speeds, with a nice soft drone, and when i get on it? jesus. she fuckin roars like theres no tomorrow.

check out some tenzo R....


Hey man I went cheap and just got a nice aerospeed one. 2 1/4 inch pipe from the cat back. It sounds great when I floor it. Its got a nice beamer/benz sound to it.
I love my thermal
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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