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I Want To Clean My Engine

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wsup guys.. well i've always loved the look of a clean engine. mine's all dusty :( anyway.. my question is how do i clean it.. wut do i use.. and wut can i do to make it stay clean for more than a day?
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come on guys... i need suggestions.
Here are my three personal favorite ways to clean my engine:

1) Simple Green. Get a bottle of simple green and a tooth brush/brush and clean the engine bay. Just follow the instructions on the bottle, and steer clear of your distributor. Easy, and works good. Not too bling bling but clean.

2) CD-2 engine detailer. Two cans, one cleaner one blinger. I use this when I really want to impress the ladies. Really straight-forward. Follow instructions on cans and put on some sun glasses. This shit honestly works awesome. Two step process - works amazing.

3) Engine brite. A can of this shit is like $.99 so if your a cheap bastard like me use this method. Again follow instructions on can and thats it. Works good not as bling as the CD-2 method though.

Good luck.
uhm.. do these things only work for all engines? even if it's bone stock?

edit: oh yea btw thanks for answering.. not like some other pplz out there.. *hint hint* :rolleyes:

lol jk :D
personally i use some stp engine degrease get a brush from autozone and scrub. follow the directions on the can. cover your distributor cuz if water gets in there it will be nasty. then afterwards spray some stp shining spray in there and it will be all nice and purty. and it should stay clean for a while. Mine was clean for a long time before i had to drive through that mud puddle :mad:
damn push.. i havent seen you in a loooong time! where have u been?
for your black hoses and stuff.. try using whatever you use for your tires... that helps and sum simple green with a toothbrush does alot for my engine bay.. i wish i had sum good pix...
Been busy working on my local board. Check it out sometime I wouldn't advise using the stuff for your tires on the engine hoses. I'd just use the stp degreaser and engine detailing sprays. That's what their designed for. I'm surprised anyone even noticed me on here :)
pushVTEC said:
I'm surprised anyone even noticed me on here :)
i remember u coz i think u were the first one to give me some useful info.. i forgot wut it wuz tho..:rolleyes:
Gotcha. Well that's how I detail my engine. Have fun and do it at a drive do it yourself car wash bay. and wait for the engine to cool down so u don't crack the block or ur header :D
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