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I was very lucky tonight! Close call...

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I was driving on an unfamiliar section of road tonight with a lot of closely spaced intersections. What happened was that I got my eyes fixed on the signals at the intersection farther up (green light) instead of the signals at the intersection immediately ahead (red light)... I noticed my mistake too late and quickly slammed on the brakes... the ABS kicked in... but I knew I wasn't going to stop in time. Thankfully, there wasn't any car in the crossing road! I am very lucky because that was one of the more busy roads in the city. So I continued my way across the intersection on a red light... it scare the heck out of my passenger.

The braking distance in the RSX Type S is ridiculously long... I think it had something to do with the OEM tires again!
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It would have been a very seriously collision if there was a car coming in the cross road... very lucky... Getting T-boned or T-boning somebody at that speed would probably totalled the car.
yeah the all season tires are horrible but I have also heard complaints about the brakes on the RSX. Glad you are ok though!
The RSX definitely needs more stopping power... getting high performance tires will definitely help stopping power alot.

I am still very thankful that I got away with one...:)
Time to get some Spoon upgrades...
shit my prelude needs better sucks ass!
gettting T-boned would suck, but what happened here?
From the front? Can you figure this one out?
probably took the impact at the front end... then spun around and hit the left and then the right... really no idea... at least not until I see the left side of the car.
What the hell happened to the paint though? Looks like it was on fire or something... But if you look at the driver side, it's different...
it could be fire... the way that the panel wrinkled...
doesn't look like it was on fire. it looks more like the car was sliding on it's right quarter/roof down a road or something for a little while.
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