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I would like to be moderator of this forum.

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Our forum still has no moderators yet.

I think that I could be a very good moderator for the Si/SiR forum. I have been a SHO member for over a year now, and I have learned many things about Civics (mainly the Si) during my time here.

I always have good answers/advice to give to questions asked by other members, and if I can't answer a question myself I will find the answer elsewhere.
I never have gotten into a flame war with another member, and I am always very friendly to members.

Another plus is that I am a college student, so I have lots of time to be on sho, and make sure things are running smoothly in the forum.

Please consider me as one of the mods for this forum...


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What do you guys think (si/siR forum members)?
Sounds cool to me, but how the hell did you get 400 something post already? You sir have been busy :D
Yeah how did you get that many posts, that is crazy. superhonda has not been up that long, damn.
I was here on the second day sho was back and running, and I was just happy it was back so I responded to lots of posts. I also don't just post in the Si/Sir forum, I am all over the place.

Some members have like 6-800 posts already. Now that's crazy.

Like I said, I am online a lot.
Damn, that is a lot of time you got there. IMO go for it! Good luck man! :D
Tenchi said:
Damn, that is a lot of time you got there. IMO go for it! Good luck man! :D
Thanks everyone!!!
I'll back you v00tecsi. I think you would be a great moderator. Not once have I ever seen you rude to a member, regardless of how ridiculous their story is. You also seem to know what you are talking about when you answer questions, either that or you can fake an answer really well.....;). Either way, both of those qualities are very important in a moderator, and you obviously devote alot of time to this site, yet another important attribute. I think making you a moderator is a great idea, and if you need me to do something as far as support, don't hesitate to let me know.
I would back you up as well to be a mod of this forum. Good luck!
everything Red Si get a vote from me
Thank you for all your help...Lets see if Mike will go for it.
Out of curiousity, what happened to the existing moderators before SHO went down, BlueSivic, YODAisGOD etc.?? I'll give a "fellow New Jerseyean" the nod..:D
i wouldn't mind becoming a mod for the civic forum

id like to vote for v00tecsi for the Si/SiR forum he is a nice guy.:)
i want to be a Moderator!:cool:
You have my vote...I guess we just have to wait for Mike to decide???
You have my vote...I guess we just have to wait for Mike to decide???
who where you talking about?:)
Both of you have my vote...You both seem to know your stuff, and are nice people.
thanks man i appreciat that

ps. nice car your one lucky man.:)
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