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Idle and Jerking problems

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I have a problem with my '91 Integra LS. During Idle the RPMs ride from almost nothing to around 800 and down again. Also during driving in almost any gear when holding a steady speed it jerks. I have cleaned the Oxygen Intake(butterfly) and put in Fuel Injection cleaning fluid, replaced plugs and wires, I don't realy know what elsecould be doing that. Please help me with this.
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have you tried

have you tried your O2 sensors? if they're pretty old, you might want to check them out. also, have you checked your IACV, or your PCV?
Thank you for that. Also what is the IACV or PCV?
Check your PCV. I had a friend who had an irratic idle in her accord and that was the problem.

IACV is you Idle Air Control Valve

I've this problem on two of my friends GSR swaps, if the enigines cold, the rpm's go up, go down, and if you go drive of immediately, when you maintain a steady speed, the car jerks. Only one of them let it get really bad....But the IACV sounds like your problem....

'97 GSR
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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