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I bought my daughter a 2001 civic EX with 76,000 miles last year. When I looked into changing the transmission filter I found out that there is none on the most Hondas. So I did a drain and refill and added a Magnefine filter as well as an tranny cooler. Good news, bad news. After 5,000 miles I checked and the filter had been leaking oil out just enough to be dirty with oil and grime. I called the seller of the filter and he replaced it no questions asked. These are made from a fiberglass like material and occationally they have a defect. No big deal and none of my others leak. Today I finally had time to replace the old filter with the new one and this gave me the opportunity to see if it was doing its job. I cut it open and found the filter element was dark with grit but what you see in the picture is the metal particulates I cleaned off the magnet with brake cleaner. The magnet is the ring in the photo but look at all the black on the paper towel. That was circulating in the transmission. These filters are $15 and I have one on the steering as well. All 3 of my vehicles have two filters each. Toyota and Honda want you to believe you don't need a filter. I guess they can't have a completely trouble free car, their service department would have no work.

What wasn't iron based was caught in this filter. It used to be white.
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