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i have a d15b vtec swap into my '93 civic. i am going to upgrade the ignition system along with the turbo upgrade i am doing (greddy kit). i purchased the MSD SCI ignition, but was told it was recommended i get the MSD distributor to go with it (and a good set of plug wires - i already have the densos).

my question is, which MSD distributor? most places you order based on your car and year, but my engine is a swap. i have no idea what cars originally had my d15b vtec (as far as i can tell it was JDM only right?) what other US model's dizzy will fit on my car? which would you guys recommend to use on a boosted d15b? can you recommend wires to use with it?

a specific model name or part # would be great, then i could froogle it and find the cheapest one online.

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