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Im about to install my b1b8 engine into 96 civic any help?

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I have a 96 civic ex and i'm about to install an LS integra engine from a 2000 car. does anyone know how the wiring goes? also what parts will i need such as radiator hoses and so forth to install this right? anyone with Newer gsr or ls swaps into a civic i would appreicate your help!
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nice swap

man i had that swap done to my 97 civic hatch two years ago. that shit pulls hard.

i got my shit done at a shop so i don't know what hose and shit they used. but as far as the rest of the shit i.e., ecu, shift linkage, etc. it's the same as with every other swap out there.
yea, id take that shit to a shop and have it professionally done. cuz if you run into a problem or something then you are fucked. installation should be somewhere between 5-700 dollars.
Do it yourself it isnt hard. Since your car is already OBD-2 you can basically use all the wiring harness off the motor. Shift linkage use the LS, axles use the LS. Radiator hose try the DOHC vtec del sol upper radiator hose and use a LS radiator hose for the lower portion. ECU try to find a Pre OBD-2 version 2 one and you should be fine. I think they made version 2 at the year 2000 but im not sure. The LS motor mounts should be a simple drop right in so you can use those. Everything else should be straight foward.
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