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I'm going turbo and need some tips!

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I'm buying i Civic VTi (92-95) very soon (I live in Norway, a VTi should be the same car as your SiR). My plan was to get a complete HKS T-25 kit, Greddy blow-off valve, Greddy boost gauge and a new fuel pump. And ofcourse a K&N airfilter and a new exhaust system :)

Any comments on that? What hp figures are we talking about?
I'm aming at 180 whp. Is that realistic without an intercooler?
How much extra hp would a decent intercooler add?

Dag Y. Moseid

Yellow Koni
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Post in the "Turbo" forum my friend. You'll have better luck there.
I would say got DRAG Gen3 All the way, it is s very nice and effective turbo system. And it comes with all the parts you need (even intercooler and's a COMPLETE turbo kit)!!
intercooler wont really add much power itself, other than a small bit from the cooler air... although you will get extra power from the extra boost it will allow you to safely run... but how much boost you can run depends on your turbo kit, and how built your motor is
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