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i'm pissed ......

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Alright ... I dunno if u guys remember but a few days ago i said about how i just got my 97 ex. Well, that was only half true ... I was supposed to buy it today (tuesday) and I got a call from the dealership at 10:30 or so telling me that they sold the damn thing the night before. So I guess I'm back in the car hunt again. I finally thought i wouldn't have to worry about it anymore and I could start buying shit but now I have to buy a damn car, and hopefully I'll still have 1500-2000 to spend afterwards. I know everyone here will probably tell me to buy a civic but what do you guys think I should get? Gimme a year and model and about how much I could probably get it for cuz I have to call some dealerships up again and tell them to start looking cuz my dad's making me buy from the bigger, well known dealerships and I can't get it from small ones or even private sellers which sucks cuz I found some sweet deals from em too. But oh well, since they're paying for most of the car I guess I'll just have to wait for a while ... so u guys got any ideas what I should start looking for ...?
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I was going to say if I was in need of a car....

5th gen hatch!!

When hooked up they are tyte and light so they can go too!

But, doubt you'll find one at a dealership since we're talking 7 years old.

Definitely a civic though. Make sure it's 5 speed too and white is a plus IMO ;)

Man, you jinxed yourself, jk!!
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Not sure if you were planning on doing a motor swap. If you are planning on swapping, then do not let mileage be too large of a factor in your decision. You will be happier, I think ;) with a car that has relatively few paint chips, since you will probably enjoy spending your money on modding the car vs. repainting it. Decide how much modding you want to do, if you want to do a lot, then buy an older car and you will save more money for mods. Another thing to keep in mind is that an older civic be cheaper to insure than a newer one. Hatch, Coupe or Sedan is really up to you, and white looks bad on DX models with the black molding all around the car. Thats my 2 cents =)
GreenGO said:
and white looks bad on DX models with the black molding all around the car.
That was a joke right :confused:
What year is 5th gen ... 92-95 right? I dunno a lot about the different gens and their years but i'm thinkin thats wut it is. My friend is selling his 93 Si for like 3000-3500 or so. It's not too bad but it has an assload of miles tho. He bought it a 2 years ago with like 120 or so, and his tranny is abuot to become junk, he's already starting to have problems. I'm not big on hb's either tho, i'm a coupe kinda guy I guess. All I know is I wanna find a car fast, I've been looking for almost 2 months and everytime I'm about to buy one, it gets sold on me haha. And about me jinxing myself ... I think you're right cuz everytime I tell a friend of mine I find a car and I'm getting ready to buy it, the damn thing gets sold ... so I'm done telling anyone about cars till its sitting in my driveway haha. Oh well, I guess it'll be worth the wait
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$3,000 is a little steep for a car with a lot of miles and having problems, IMO

I didn't like the 5th gen. hatch until I saw a coupld hooked up nicely. Oh, and that ? that smoked the Lightning really got me hooked!! It's (the video) somewhere in OT...

5th 92-95
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