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Im scared!!!!

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i just finished reading an article in "Honda Tuning". They were talking about how they just got a report from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) that the Integra two and four-door are on the top of the list for the most stolen models. 1999-2001... This shit is scary,.. I dont want my baby stolen!!!
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2 tell u the truth thats nothing new. well not 2 me at least. i know the teg's r the top stolen car, i dont like 2 think about it. the only thing we can do is invest n security for our cars and reliable insurance
That reports been out...just be smart in where you keep your car. Investing in some kind of security eqipmeny is always the way to go, but if they really want your car, theyll get it.
JAYMAN320 said:
just be smart in where you keep your car
Yeah, maybe I should think about not parking in the South Bronx.
This is definately Not new information for us Type-R owners...

It sucks but, yes that is the truth.

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