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2nd Import Drive-TEMPE, AZ
The Import Drive is going to start at 8:30pm this Friday, March 1st.
The "unofficial" meeting place that several of us chose for the drive was the parking lot on the southeast corner of Mill Ave and University(by Chili's). So if you want to leave with the main group, that's the place
to be. Otherwise, if you want to group up with some people and hop on a a different location that would be cool too.
Try to show up on time. Last time, some more people showed up there a few minutes after we already took off and never caught up(heh).
Also, I would really recommend looking over the directions before Friday night so you don't miss an exit.

Here they are:

(follow this loop TWICE. It will equal an hour of driving):
Departing University and Mill Ave in Tempe.
Take Mill to Rio Salado, turn right.
Take Rio Salado to Rural, turn left.
Hop on 202 East. Take 202 to 101 North(don't miss the exit!!!)
101N to Indian School Rd. Turn left.
Indian School to Drinkwater Blvd. Turn right.
Drinkwater to Scottsdale Rd. Turn left.
Scottsdale south to Mcdowell Rd. Turn right.
McDowell to Galvin Pkwy. Turn left.
Galvin Pkwy turns into Priest. Go straight.
Take Priest to University. Turn left.
Take University to Mill Ave.
Repeat the above one more time

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too bad I live in GA... let me know how it went!

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All right dudes,
How many of you are going to the Import Drive tomorrow night? It starts at 8pm in the Chili's parking lot in Tempe on the corner of Mill and University. Last time some dude in a WRX showed up, that was pretty cool. And lot of hondas as usual. Was nice to see something different though...

See you tomorrow!
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