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Hello everyone, I have recently become the steward of a friends 2003 Accord LX 2.4 sedan and I am totally impressed by the handling, construction quality, and driving feel of this car. My question to the good folks here is when it’s time to get my own Honda what should I look for... in particular something with a bit more power and with competent handling. I am coming from a Lexus GS400 which is a wonderful well made and powerful car but feels plodding next to the Accord.

So in your opinions if I like this Accord what should I look for for myself from the Honda/Acura line that has superior power & handling characteristics that will Also allow possible future performance upgrades, and budget wise is under Let’s say $6K Perhaps a V6 Accord or Civic Si... Integra, RSX? (Yeah I know I can’t do much with my K24... sigh)

If you have any questions for me if I muddled my thoughts or ideas up please ask away. I’m not a boy racer, I’m a middle aged tubby kpop nerd that can’t afford a CTS-V coupe at the moment ;-)

I thank you in advance for your opinions on this question.
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