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Indiglo Gauges burning

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my rpm gauge is burning on the back side and it sometimes goes out and smokes what should i do to fix it it burns like at where the copper ends and the indiglo starts
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we need more info, what kinda of indiglo guages? the faces only one or a whole new cluster? what year car? what gen.... did you install yourself? burning the actual face or behind the face?
did you tighten down the bolts too tight?
pushVTEC is onto something here, I read in the instructions for my euro reverse indiglo guages that if you tighten those small screws too tight on the new gauges it may short them out. Make sure the gauges and wires aren't getting kinked or anything, sounds like you may be sol if they have been burnt up.
or maybe you bought some crappy indiglos
they are reverse indglos and its only burning on the back side on a civic 00 2dr
simply put: they're fried. something cracked inside the guage. DISCONNECT THEM before they start a fire =P
i will go down on friday and see what they say
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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