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info b17's asap!

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i need to know all the specs on a usdm 93' b17...or anybody who can vouche for this engine...give me all pros an cons...thaks for the do u think this might be a goodswap for a del sol?
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the B17 is a good motor only thing is that for some reason i see 2nd gen GSR's get beat by civics runnin b16's my friends have both one has a 93 gsr the other has a 92 civic 4dr with a b16 the race was pretty even untill 3rd gear then the civic pulled ahead by a car length, both motors werent runnin 100% but both were pretty strong. if your just lookin for a motor go for the b16 there are more parts to choose from for it and easier to to get. the b17 is rare, but if you want to build it put some higher CR pistons in it and a set of cams and u'll be runnin strong
i was driving the integ gsr g2 its not mine but im a better driver than its owner, my friend in the civic is decent as well, not it doesnt have the JDM ecu its an usdm ECU and it just pulled harder both engines arent runnin 100% like i said the b16 is burnin oil and some days its strong others its weak the b17 has a bad idle control revs up and down and its timing is way to advanced im gonna fix the b17 for him once he buys the part the guy with the civic just bought a new b16 second gen. so once both are back up to par i will let you know
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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