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info b17's asap!

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i need to know all the specs on a usdm 93' b17...or anybody who can vouche for this engine...give me all pros an cons...thaks for the do u think this might be a goodswap for a del sol?
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i have a 92 and 92 and 93 are the same.
9.7:1 compression
8000rpm redline
2500lb curb weight approx you might check on this.
here are some sites:

great sites devoted to the 2nd gen integra. the gsr of 92 and 93 are great. the b17 is a rare engine. hope that helps you out.
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all of these are good points. your friend with the civic b16 must be one hell of a driver. the engine is VIRTUALLY the same. i say virtually because layman terms its basically a b16 bored out. the b16 is more accesable, as for parts the bseries is blessed with the abilities to swap parts between engines with minimal alteration. IF however you can find a 92-93 GSR complete with a b17a engine it would be quite a find and a collectable. they made a limited number of the 92 gsr because it was introduced halfway into the production year. so these guys are right. the b16 would be easier to find, less miles, and a newer engine. the b17 i would go for ONLY if you find a complete car simply because of the rarity. if you just want an engine, get yourself a b16a. have fun.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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