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i got a 92 civic hatchback. with a stock motor.
the thing is that i also got a deal from a friend that sold me toda motor parts but only could fit and work on a b16b motor.
finding out that b16b is the motor for a civic type-r car and only in japan and england has them. when i went to the pitstop crew shop them told that the only motor that would work and that i only could get oversea is the b16a from a integra jdm.
so my question is can someone please give me info. about the the serial numbers on the motor and which one would work with toda perfermance parts. being that i'm new to this scene.
thanks for your time.
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What parts specifically?

In general, all B series motors and parts are interchangable, there are however some exceptions and there may be need for a little elbow grease work.

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