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Infotainment system

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I have a 2017 CRV EXL. It has the OEM stock infotainment system. Which you have to connect a phone by a USB wire only. To do Android Auto. Recently, the connection has not been working right and the Android or don't no longer appears on the screen. I have factory reset the infotainment system four times. After each factory reset it works then it doesn't. Should I just get it replaced? Should I just get an external unit that has Android Auto?

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day
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Do you connect anything other then your phone on the other USB port(s)? Disconnect any USB device(s) other then your phone and try it again..

I had a crazy problem with my 2018 Honda FIT EX.
The Apple iPhone connect thru a USB cable for the CarPlay and worked fine for while and then all of sudden the display froze. The music still played but display stuck in time. This problem made the CarPlay Map navigation useless
I changed the iPhone to some other phones... USB cables to NEW one (even bought the NEW cable from APPLE)..
Update the iPhone IOS to latest as some suggested... NOTHING WORKED... The display kept on locking up middle of any trip almost 100%of time.

Finally, I almost gave up using the Apple CarPlay. One weekend, I was cleaning up the car and disconnected a USB flash drive in the bottom of the armrest compartment (for some old music from old CDs). Since disconnecting the USB drive, my CarPlay came back correctly 100% of time and never gave me a single display glitch.

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