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we were checking out the '03 accord at the local dealer the other day, and they also had a new insight sitting there, so i took a gander, because i had never actually seen the inside of one or anything. (they are pretty cool, the seats are comfy and the hood must weigh like 10 lb. or so) anyway, as you may know, the steering wheel looks almost exactly like a s2000 steering wheel, only its not leather-wrapped. but its got a nice small diameter, good grip bulge thingies, and looks rad. so i called the parts dept. at the dealer, and they said for the wheel w/out the airbag its $227 (not bad, considering most aftermarket wheels cost more and look like poo), and that with the airbag it would be about $550! i think you can get ctr wheels for like 350 or so, but if i did the insight wheel would the electronics match up right or what? i kind of think it would be hard to do, but that wheel looks rad. and i bet i could find it cheaper from a wrecked insight (we all know how common those are):rolleyes: , but you never know. anyway, if anyone has any info on this, let me know. thanks.
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