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installation of duals on civic

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ok, I have a 98 civic hatchback and have been trying to install dual exhausts on it. I can't find anyone around Atl to install them because they complain of the neck of my fuel tank being to close to the exhaust (I could make my own heat shield if I really wanted I guess) But, can't you just run a Y pipe off the existing and run it behind the gas tank? I haven't seen anybody around the south with duals on a hatchback, so it would be nice if I could get this done before someone else does it. Any suggestions?:megaz:
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run a Y pipe off the cat, and then put on the two axle-backs
coming that youre from atlanta/southeast, that your idea has probably been conceived and done by someone else a long time ago...anyways, i hope its just a cosmetic addition because you wont benifit any perfomance from it, and the possiblity of losing torque is evident as well...
Ive seen Some dude with duals on his SI around athens, if i see him soon ill ask him where he got his done
To avoid loosing power from loss of backpressure, go from the header to the cat, to the muffler, and then create a y-pipe. You'll save money and get better performance. I don't know if this will be easy to do since the muffler will have to be so far from the header to avoid damage. A muffler shop should be able to do it without much trouble.
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