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installing aluminum spoiler

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i know you people hate aluminum spoilers.. but i kinda like them..

after you flame on me, can anyone tell me how they are installed? is it simply just drilling holes?? is there anything else??
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some people put rubber or 3m tape underneath

you put it inbetween the trunk and the bottom mount. It prevents scratching thepaint, and any rattles that may occur
you may have to drill, may not, double deck and other raised sporilers have to be drilled. Whereas the flat evo likes ones may be drilled, but also may be clamped on with screws... advantage you can remove w/o any change to car.
b4 you drill it, check your trunk and where you're gonna drill through it, what holds the wing in place are just nuts and bolts and you don't want to drill through a cross member in the trunk cuz that's a bitch. Doing so will cause instability of the wing while driving fast. I've seen wings sway sideways a lot cuz of poor drilling which causes loose fastening.
hmmm. so should i let a professional do it??
AznAccord99 said:
hmmm. so should i let a professional do it??
no do it yourself. save yourself 100. shops cost too much.
can someone give me step by step instructions??
it's pretty easy...just make sure you use the right tools or it'll come out really janky. You'll need a power drill, any size drill bit that's smaller than the bolt will do fine if you can drill nice circles, the allen wrenches that come in the kit and a socket wrench set (use the long ones cuz the bolts are deep). Marker(optional).

What you do is first eyeball your trunk and kinda have an idea of where you're gonna put the holes. Make sure the wing sits nicely in the middle width wise and try to have the brackets placed in an area that can avoid the cross members in the bottom of the trunk if possible (drilling nicely thru these are a pain). Have a friend hold the wing in place so you know where the stands should sit. if you want, use a small marker to mark where the holes should go thru the holes in the brackets. drill your holes, 4 holes is the min, but you could put all 8 holes if you have time to, but don't make them too big cuz then the wing will sway. assemble the wing as shown in the kit, but, that's pretty self explanitory, and you don't really need to read it, jus visualize how it'll need the allen wrenches and your socket wrench to tighten the bolts. set the angle of the wing high if you plan on flying thru curves or lay it flat for everyday stability.

My paint's chipping off my trunk and i'm gonna take it to the paint shop, thus i have to remove my wing. if you want, i could post pictures of how i put it on. jus email me or something if you want them, but that shouldn't happen for another two or three weeks.
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Make sure u drill the wholes from the outside in. Also the mounts for the spoiler mounts(they look like fat Ls) should already have 3m sticky tape under them, the side that will be on the car. Lates
My bf's had 16 holes punched into the trunk, and I personally think it should be professionaly installed, but that's just me. I was watching them install it on Jerry's car, and it doesn't seem like something you want to be doing yourself, imo. :)
thanks for all the help :) i may email you for pics if i find a wing for a good price..

anyone know what width i should get for a 6th gen couple??
go w/ whatever look you won't be traveling at speeds where wing length will affect performance, but if i remember, standard should be about 54"???? if you played gran tourismo 3 and you like the look of the S class cars w/ the wings that extend from side mirror to side mirror, they have a 63" and a 72" i think...somewhere close to those numbers...but as length increases so does price, as those are custom lengths...standard length looks good tho.

I got a pic of my car w/ a standard length APR GT2 wing on the web. jus click on the link at the end of the signature. it's pretty long and spreads just a lil over the sides.
when you guys talk about cross memebers, are yout alking about the sheet of metal under the trunk? that kind forms an X??

hey, ultramagnetical.. can you post the link up?? i turn off the sigs cause i'm at work.. and there are too many scandalour pics.

thanks man

anyone else have pics?
yeah, those X things under the trunk, u got's the back view....

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aluminum spoilers are too crazy...any spoiler is pointless unless you plan to go often does that happen?
they look too extream ... almost ugly ... just get something more conservative
do you really wanna get a ticket for carrying chunk of aluminum in a back? i bet its also illegal....dammit

some people like them, others don't....i like the way it looks on my car...and they're not illegal as long as you have both side mirrors. besides, it doesn't even block my view in the mirror.
agreed. sometimes...just adding the wing makes the car look wack.
yeah...i dont think im gonna get one...i wanna keep my car simple but nice...once you have too many mods on it cops start bugging you a lot and also its an overkill....
nice and simple thats what its all about:)
ultramagnetical- how high is that wing?? more than 10 inches?
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