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Installing Indiglo Guages (help)

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i got a set of rev. indiglo guages for my 97 hatch. it didnt come with any instructions. i did a search for this but couldnt find NEthing.
my guages have the guages wires connected to a black box and another piece that has a wire connected to a square piece with the color choices on it.
i cant figure out how to install these. neone install guages with the same pieces as this can help me out?
all my friends who put guages in their cars said theres had diff parts then mine and didnt know wut to tell me
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well basically you have to take out the whole gauges cluster, remove clear plastic sheild, remove black gauge trim and then cover old gauges with new gauges. Reassemble the gauge cluster. connect the three wires comin from the gauges to the wires comin from the black box. On the other side of the black box there will be a power and a ground wire which you can splice sum headlight wires, run it thru amp power wire, etc.. and you should be good to go...
I also found that it was a good idea to remove the existing gauge lights because when you dim the indiglos, the old gauge lights bleed through. It looked really bad.

I actually soldered the power leads to the gauge in the appropriate locations, but that's because I have a service manual, and it's easy to look up.

You should do what pilly said and find a spot on the fuse box that turns on with headlights. This is easy to do with a multimeter.

We can help you more if you need it, but just let us know how this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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