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installing sub?

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i have a '94 lude and i want to put subs in. I was just looking for suggestions about where to run the wire from the battery. Is there a good place to run it already in the car? or do i have to drill?
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if you look under your dash (driver side) there should be a hole where there are cables running already. Get a flashlight and look hard. You can run it through there.
If you look up under teh dash all teh way to the left of the car, you should see a baremetal area where there carpet and crap has be removed. You can drill a hole there to run the power cable to teh battery, then run teh cable along teh side of teh car to the trunk.
are you talking about down under the clutch? or are you talking up higher?
up from the clutch and most likely to the left alittle
look on the passenger side of the engine bay and on the firewall there is a black rubber gromet. Use a flexible dowl rod or some small metal rod and run it through the comes in behind the heater fan inside the car.
Like other's have mentioned, you can find unused holes that Honda left in the firewalls. This is definitely best. If you need to drill a new hole, make sure that you use a rubber grommett to protect the wire from chaffing and shorting out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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