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Insurance Poliy

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how does insurance work regarding a swap? my parents keep on bitching bout me getting a non smoggable engine into my car and saying if i get into a big ass colision insurance wont cover the damages. but from wat i heard insurance has to cover it but they just wont buy me the same motor as i lost. how exactly does it work anybody knoe? i dont care bout the insurance but dont wanna hear perents bitching cuz they did buy me the car. help me out guys. parents claim insurance covers my car with my SOHC motor so if i swap without telling them then they wont cover it. i dont wanna ask my insurance comapany.
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Your answer

You're partly right, however it might not matter..cuz,

If you sustain enough front end damage in an accident, that your engine block is cracked, or has sustained ir-repairable damage, your car would most likely be considered a total loss..As long as you have full coverage, your company would pay you actual cash value or market value minus your deductible.

Your company wouldn't necessarily add for the "upgraded" engine, and on the flip side wouldn't subtract for the salvage -wrecked out car - not having a stocker...

However in the event your engine is damaged in an accident, and your car is deemed repairable, your company would only cough up the money to have a STOCK engine replaced, and if you wanted another engine, you would have to pay for the part difference..The insurance doesn't car if you have a $20000 engine, they only insure the vehicle the way it rolled out of the factory..

Safe to say you should look into some additional insurance on your car if it's fairly modded, for all things a/m - including engine and body kits, wheels, etc...

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Thank you for this question, for I was having it too... Any ideas on where to get the additional insurance from? Costs? Also, is there anyway that an insurance company (mainstream) would cover a motor swap and the like?
you'll have to check with different insurance companies, but i do know that you can insure modifications. they'll have to pass their inspections each time and they might charge you a higher premium for it, but you can insure mods... just like you can insure all sorts of different items you have in your home.
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