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Insurance ?

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Hey guys, well I just wrecked my lude so need some questions answered if possible..

Ok well just say that my car is fixable, i heard someone told me that I can ask for loss of value? how would I demand that? Also if it's totalled, and they write me a check for watever amount, can i fight that? like ask for more?

Also I have parts that were put on, I do not have reciept for some so could i just print out how much it was where i bought it? like from any site or watnot and show them? would they reimburse me? thanks
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Tell your insurance company that you want to file for the "diminished value" for your car. I got $800 dollars when I got t-boned in my civic. If your car is totaled they will write you a check for what is was worth, period. Just make sure that they are giving you what it's worth (look in blue book). Also as far as your aftermarket no reciept parts go, it really depends on your insurance company...Mine (Allstate at the time) said no $$$ for aftermarket stuff if I don't have a reciept but I have friends who have gotten cash. Don't know which insuracnce company they had. Anyways food for thought....peace
Yeah I have allstate as well and im pretty close with them considering my dad's been with them for like 20 years or something...Ok in KBB, my car is worth $14000 excellent condition in private sale..and it was 12-13 in the trade in. I mean how would they know what to give me considering my car is totalled and they can't see what condition it was beforehand? Do they go by trade in or private sale from kbb? I just want to make sure i get enough $$ so i dont get screwed over. thanks
They will more than likely give you and average amount.
Probably around $13,5. The only thing I can say is call up your insurance company and be blunt, and ask how much they will give you if your car is totaled. If it doesn't seem like enough to you, raise hell. BTW this is Allstate we are talking about and they usually find someway to make the car not totall. That's why I have progressive now. My civic below was T-boned and at first they said that it wouldn't total then in the end AFTER they fixed it they said BTW it technically totaled. Keep tabs on them, don't let them get the best of you. What year was your car?
Mine's a 2000 honda prelude with 63,000 miles on it. Well by looking at my car, it's pretty messed up, never seen a beautiful car in a bad shape like this.. Trust me if it's totalled, and i dont get much, omg imma go nutz on them... Dunno to me i rather want it totalled because i dont wanna drive in that car, i mean it's not the original, u know what i mean? could have mad problems from months from now... How damaged was ur civic if u dont mind me asking?

Some people told me that if the front is messed up and air bags went off, it's pretty much totalled... Hopefully i find out today to see what is going to happen to my car... ahhh all this stress
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