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Alright, so I finally have my intake in my 96 accord, but I looked at the how to on cryogens site, and it said be sure to connect the hoses, so I connected the only hose I could, (which is good because there was only one hose disconnected) but a few things bug me. One on the ex install, he had a mount for his intake and said that it should not hang, mine doesn't even have a place for a mount and so hangs, how bad is that? Also I guess the intake connects to the throttlebody? and then to the intake manifold is that right? well why is there no fastener where the intake connects to the throttle body, (or whatever that point is at any rate) is it just really unlikely it will fall off I had a fastener but it fastened the intake to the rubber mount, should I move it so the rubber mount is fastened to the throttlebody?. and also I have the cold air extension (homemade) on my intake, it fits fine and everything, but the filter is touching the body of the car, I don't know why this would matter but does it? thanks alot guys for any help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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