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You can get parts at your local Home Depot...

1. Approx. 10' of 3" PVC piping.
2. PVC couplings to make a "primitive" Mandrel bend as needed.
3. Duct tape.
4. Home Depot or Dupont stickers.
5. Hack-saw
6. Virtual "Chrome" spray paint.

Apply as follows:

A. Paint all piping, couplings with Chrome spray paint.
B. Attach one end of coupled piping to tail pipe outlet.
C. Place attachments (couplings) where needed to make bends to 180 degrees.
D. Attach piping to end of couplings all the way to the front of vehicle.
E. Attach couplings again to manuever piping up through radiator/bumper area.
F. Attach last coupling to intake port.

There ya have it. A custom, lean, mean, B(low) M(y) W(eenie) out-put-in-take recycling machine!!!

Just playing with ya bud! :D

P.S..... Don't forget the stickers!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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