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Integra Assistance/Advice needed

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Hi there, im a Noob,
I own a '95 integra.. my question is a 2 parter
1)which is the best aftermarket fender to add to my teg?
2)can you give me links to places where i can buy em? right now im looking at the z3's at but im not sure yet....advice and links would be thoroughly appreciated!

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I don't know of any other mass produced applications other than the Z3 fenders. If you want a different look you will have to do something custom.

As far as the price on that one site, it seems pretty cheap. Check to see what they make them out of.
best aftermarket fender is no fender change at all...or get a Honda JDM front end otherwise it has rice written all over it.
anyone got advice for me?
well said tuan... go with that place if you wanna have the z3's... maybe they'll have a special on neon lights too... :rolleyes:
i see why most of u ppl are being so...well...unhelpful...mainly cuz u think i wanna be a riceboy or something...well lemme just say that it is not the case...i have no body kit, nothing done to the car at all. unfortunately i was in a car accident, and my fender=smashed to hell

since in most cases buying the Z3 fender is actually CHEAPER then buying a stock fender i figured i would go with the Z3...its only 2 pieces of my car, and its just gills, other than that, its a normal integra....

again, if u guys know of any sites, please lemme know.
Not necessaryily OEM

You can get cheap fenders that aren't OEM Honda, but look OEM. Most are made in Taiwan. Here's a set:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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