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Hey whats up man,

Ive been lookin high and low with no results for the oem/jdm DA9 window visors, of course they are discontunied, but i was with my brother in law that has a Subaru Sti and his visors look almost exactly as the ones for the DA just a little longer, do you guys think they look almost the same ? as far as shape goes ? the excess can be trimmed to size...let me know.

DA With Window Visors
New pics **CaUtion DA inSIDE!** ( 56k sorry =[ ) - Honda-Tech

Subaru STi Window Visors
eBay Motors: JDM OEM 01+ GDB GDA IMPREZA WRX STI Door Window Visors (item 220397138497 end time May-16-09 04:14:24 PDT)

Can the sedan DA window visors be modifed to fit the DA coupe ?
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