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Integra drivers, what kind of alarm you using?

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i think i should get an alarm which ones are you guys sporting?
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crime stoppers..... it's done what it says so far:)

i like it because it doesn't go off if a car with deep bass in it's stereo or a loud exhaust goes by, but if someone brushes up against the car it will sound.
how much was the total? and what features does it have? like window roll up, and shit like that?
I plan to get a pager alarm, but if they want your badly enough nothing can stop a theft.

Here it is:

Not to shabby for 200 bucks Id say, it beats the regular siren alarms that no one pays attention to. BUt in this case youre paged when the alarm goes off. Check it out, it even tells you which sensor on the car was activated.
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Keep in mind that the alarm is only as good as the installation.
I'm going to split this for you and have it also posted in the Electronics forum. Hopefully you will get good response.

Good luck,


PS and please remember that If they Want it, They will Take it! I do NOT believe in alarms, I believe in Lo-Jack and various DIY devices IE Fuel cutoff's and such...
i am just the opposite. alarms keep punk kids away. if someone wants to steal my car i don't want it back even if lojack gets it back 2 hours later, the car would be stripped or afu by then.
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