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Integra Headlights Adjustment

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Is there a way to adjust the headlights on the car to make it project a little higher, cause mine aims straight to the a knob or handle or switch? anything?

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There is a screw on each headlight that you adjust. Just get your car on level ground. Then turn the screw until the level shows the bubble in the middle. It should be easy to find.
it's not really a screw on mine, more like a dial. but you do turn it with a screw driver........
a Helms manual is your friend.... ;)
You could also try your owners manual, it should be in there
where is the dial?
IntegraTypeRS said:
where is the dial?
Open your hood and look directly above your headlights and you'll the the GREEN tube-like thing with a bubble inside indicating how your headlights are positioned.
well iknow where that is.. i just need to know where do i adjust the headlights.. where do i use the screwdriver?
somewhere under or behind (towards back of car) the levelling bubble, there should be things that kind of look like gears... stick your screwdriver between the teeth and move the gear thing. hope that helps.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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