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I checked the Integra brake fluid reservoir, for the first time in 6 months/1000 miles, and it was at the 'min' line instead of the full line. Engine was 'cold', i.e. a day since I last started the car.
I first did a 4 sides/tires brake bleed 3 years ago/25 thousand miles, and I recall pushing the brake pedal all the way down, slowly to the floor. You're supposed to put a block of wood/2x4 wood, on the floor, to not push the pedal all the way down. showbox
I also performed another brake bleed about a year ago/2, usps tracking 000 miles, for one of the rear caliper, and this time remembered to put a block of wood.
I checked the caliper bleeders, and I didn't notice any oily fluid, but this was 2 days since I last drove the car.
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