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Integra LS vs 95 Maxima SE

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Both cars are stock and auto. The Maxima SE i believe has 190hp and I dont know how much torque. The maxima has the hp and torque advantage but the Integra has the weight advantage. Which do you think would win in this race?
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I might have to give the edge to the maxima being that the integra is stock and auto.
been there, done that..... the maxima is V6 for god sake...... the teg willll be smoke hard!
Manual LS vs. auto Maxima would be close, but both autos and the Integra is toast. Having 4 speeds just dumps the revs outside of the powerband at every shift, plus having no torque at the low end and not being able to slip the clutch at 4000 or so to make up for it. Unless, of course, you have a turbo....
just lean forward, you'll get him :D
I raced my buddy's 93 Nissan Altima SE and that is slower than that maxima and i lost. its because i drive auto......


i beat him off the line when he was riding in his rsx type s, but he just shot ahead of me.


will i never win?
cloudrev said:
will i never win?
No, sorry.
89 - 94 (later 90's is when they came out with manuel) max gxe = 160 hp 180 tq sohc

my 93 gxe auto ran 16.4 in 1/4 stock

89 - 94 max se = 190 hp 190 tq dohc

i've seen the se's run in 1/4 an average of 15.9 stock manuel and auto runs an average 16.1 stock

just in case you are wanderin about the newer maxes

95 - 99 max gxe/se = 190 hp 205 tq

mid to high 15's

00 - 01 max gxe/gle (auto only) /se = 222 hp 217 tq

low to mid 15's

02 max gxe/gle (auto only) /se (6 spd manuel tranny) = 255 hp

high 14's to low 15's are definitly goin to get raped...hard!
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oh yeah 255 hp but i forgot the tq #'s

but its hella torquey, i test drove it before and plus they look so good with the hid's now...yummy
goodbye integra... they can not keep up with these... not a chance... modded integras can keep up with many cars, but stock, and AUTO, they are trash...
SoFlaGS-T said:
goodbye integra... they can not keep up with these... not a chance... modded integras can keep up with many cars, but stock, and AUTO, they are trash...
my stock GSR could keep up with and beat just about most its modified, now its a different story.....however ive seen a guy with a s/c'd car doesnt hold a candle to that speed, but at least im not breaking my tranny.
i know, but youre not auto... and you have the top end that the ls's lack
The Maxima is a nice car, and as much as I hate to see you NOT get an integra, i don't think you would be happy with an auto ls. 5 speed would be fun either way
the maxima
a little more over kill the Maxima is a great car to tune my friend has a 98 SE 5spd and he beat my 94 gs-r from a rolling start but from a dead stop i pull about 2 - 2 1/2 cars. Don't get caught next to one on the hwy, cause they have long gears and are always ready for a downshift and there torque is crazy on the go. My GS- R was running 14.6 also and got pulled from a 40 mph rolling start, went to about 125mph and by 90mph he had put about 3 cars on me and by 125mph i made up 2 cars but that's it i wasn't pulling him anymore after that so we ended the race.;)
just for clarification...

Maxima, lowered 1" - 1.5", 17" wheels (no chrome!), light tint, and good sounding exhaust... no loud ass shit
Sorry Max would win

Sorry man the Max would win, Integra would take it off the line but the Max would come back at like second gear and win more torque. No vtech and Automatic sucks.
Maxxy pads!! They are under rated...

My bro' has a mid 90's 5spd Maxxy' did a cold air intake, greddy exhaust and the Stillen' Y Pipes, whoa!! Wild Beast!! Ya' only need the R's around 3k and it'll pull like mad!! He ran high 14's next to my GSR!!!! from 30mph to 100mph+ we are like side by side! Sad thing is his car has a limiter at 114mph and it feels like the car is just starting to pull hard, and that is in 4th gear!! 5th gear is strong too' ya don't even need to down shift that car on the freeway!! Don't under estimate them!! I couldn't even imagine one w/ a blower!! Wow!! He has a wife and a little boy and w/ all them still fast!!!

Nissans are pretty good cars!! He also has a high 11sec. NX2000 w/ a SR20DET motor in it! Went to a bigger turbo, and did the internals so we'll see what he'll pull low 11's I would think...

Pretty impressive motors! So be on the look out of turbo'd Sentra's, NX;s and 200sx's!!! That imported SR20DET will drop right into those cars!! Up some boost, get tires and good for low 13's / high 12's tuned right!!

Lates...anyone race a new Altima?? V-6 overpriced one?? Rated high 14's I think.....
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