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Look at what happens when is friday afternoon and you have too much time on your hands... :fawk:

My Integra's ilegitimate child with an MR2... :eek:

and off course, the Topless pic (w/shaven mouldings): :p

By the way I'm using PhotoDeluxe, and IT SUCKS!!! :mad:
I want PhotoShop Damn it! :cry:

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Integra / S14

Ok the Integra has gone and done it again,
this time inspired in the Nissan's s14 tail,
This is what I came up with:

Single Tail-light
Shaven Door Handles,
Shaven Side mouldings,
Shaven Emblems,
Shaven Gas Tank Lid,
Shaven Antena,
Shaven License plate,
Exhaust tips galore...

Kind of went over board this time... :D
but ohh well.. :eek:
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