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Integra or Civic

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Which is faster in the 1/4 mile or would be a better car a integra
or the Civic
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dude.. gsr, itr, ls
ex, si, cx, dx?
be a little more specific
:rolleyes: Every model Except Type R's:D
stock vs. stock
gsr should beat any of the civics
civic si should beat ls integ.
ls integ should beat the rest of the civics
thats basically it. thats not guaranteed... retarded drivers can factor in too.
is modded a diff. story or what?
Get an Integra because it's not a Civic.
SupaHonda said:
is modded a diff. story or what?
yeah.. then it all depends on what mods.
Haha, I'm not being mean or anything, but are you a fairly new person to the import world or cars in general? Don't take it the wrong way, but yeah mods will effect a car in many different ways. Also an Integra is just a much better car, that is unless you get a SI, and here in the Integra forum you'll hear a lot of hating on the SI, but its that bad of a car, its cheaper then a new GSR, and its not bad for a first car (I'm assuming its going to be your first car or Honda at least), though a GSR would be so much nicer, and you can find an older one like a 95 for cheap now, and they'll last forever. Plus GSR is stock faster, and there's a lot of aftermarket support for it, or if you have time and money and want the luxury of the GSR and not have to pay as much, a turbo GS is nice too...:D
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I say the SI is better. < Don't start flamming yet> With the money u spend to buy a GSR, the mods U could buy with that money could easily beat a GSR. GSR is wut about 24,000 +, and an SI is only about 17,000+. Turbo+ header+ exhaust + Intake + VAFC+ Internals and boost controler. There U go. But Stock, the GSR rules, no dought about that. The same goes with a modded GSR, could beat a fairly modded SI. Depends on the driver and mods.

My 2 cents.
hey " Nguyen " wut part of Witchita are U from? Do U know any body name Be there?
good luck at getting a straight answer...

talk about a troll post....
The integra will be faster on the 1/4 if your asking that. Which is better is a matter of opinion. Try test driving a couple of em and see which one you like.
I don't KNow what car to get there is so many nice imports out there u know
integra or civic

Depends on what you want more performance and not much luxury or some luxury and good perfromance. For performance I would recommend buying a cheap 92-95 civic hatchback and dropping in a gsr motor, and that will smoke any integra. But if you want some luxury and good performance get a gsr. Just depends on whats more important to you.
G2Integrity said:
Get an Integra because it's not a Civic.
hahah, agree :cool:
Im thinking of getting a civic so i can get some cheap insurance.
Who cares? Race and find out.
Import2Vision said:
hey " Nguyen " wut part of Witchita are U from? Do U know any body name Be there?
I'm from NorthWest Wichita, and I know a couple Be's, umm if you tell me some more I might know her, it just all depends.
Hey Nguyen why buy a GSR when you can buy a 92 hatch and swap a B18c1 and be lighter faster and cheaper than a GSR.

Hey guys I am just playing Integra's are the shit
hell i even own one
Import2Vision said:
Turbo+ header+ exhaust + Intake + VAFC+ Internals and boost controler.
:cry: there's just so much wrong with that.
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