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OBD2 B18B/B20 Valve cover- these are hard to come by. Mine is stripped and ready for paint/powdercoat/polish. $50

OBD1 B18B valve cover- painted hi temp black- $40

B18B valve cover gasket with spark plug grommets- NIB $35 (no pic)

No name cone filter- $8

OBD2 P75 ECU- B18B LS 5 speed. I got this off HT and ended up not needing it because Im swapping in a B18C1. This ECU was throwing a bunch of codes, and Im not sure why. So im only asking $35.

OBD2 P72 GSR ECU- decided to go with Hondata. $100 (no pic)

OBD0 resistor box- for you turbo guys who want to run peak and hold DSM injectors. $20.

OBD2 OEM LS injectors. Works in any OBD2 honda. $45
Second set of injectors with broken tips. Ive been told they still work like this, but havent used them- $5 or free with any other purchase if you want them.

Oil filler cap- $obo

LS Hydro Tranny- no grinds, 93k. Shifts like butter, even at high rpm. $300. (still in car)

NEW ACT or Exedy clutch
JDM ITR 4-1 header, or any 4-1 header with a 2.5" collector.

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