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I have the following parts that are in great shape that i need to get rid of because I'm getting out of the scene: Prices are all obo so shoot me an offer.Try to get pics up upon request or asap...just need to borrow a camera.

1. 95 GSR head rebuilt by Portflow, port/polish, 3 angle valve job, ferrea valves, portflow springs/retainers. Never used, 0 miles on it. $1500

2. 95 GSR block completely rebuilt, just recently, with zero miles on it. Bored to 81.5mm, shot-peened gsr rods with arp rod bolts, new seals and bearings, balanced and blueprinted, crank cleaned up, Wiseco pistons from Import Builders that will give a compression somewhere in the range of 12.5:1 - 13:1. This block will come with a headgasket also and stock gsr head studs. $1500

3. Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams, never used with 0 miles. $550

4. Blox Inake Manifold port matched by Portflow to a 70mm STR throttle body. Both never used before, 0 miles. $500

5. DTR custom made header that has never been used with 0 miles on it. Has a 2.5 inch collector and is a long two piece header. $1300 brand new.....I'm asking $800 for it.

6. Stock GSR cams with ~60K. $60

7. Stock GSR intake manifold. $60

8. AEBS headstuds with zero miles. $90

9. Stock Type R intake manifold. $120

10. JDM 98+ Spec Type R header with a 2.5 inch collector. $250

11. JDM header heat shield upper. $50

12. JDM header heat shield lower. $40

13. Stock GSR head studs. $30

14. Stock 95 GSR ecu. $150
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