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Integra Rear Lips?

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I was wondering if anyone knew of some tite looking rear lips for the 94-97 Integras. I'm thinking about the Aztec lip but kinda unsure. Ive only seen one pic of it and wasn't too helpful on info. Does anyone have information about it? Does Spoon make rear lips? If anyone can help this poor boi out ... your help would be greatly appreciated ... thanks for your anticipated response! =)
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i think you can get an Access factory option rear skirt also. Aztec? Did you mean Azect? shows a pic of the "Azect" rear skirt.
yo dude .. thanks for the link! damn that looks nice. the side skrits too. these parts are for the 97-97 integra body right? not 98'+? thanks again =)
those body bits are meant for the Japanese spec integra. The 94-97 Integra has the smooth rear bumper right? The newer ones have that difuser. If it's the "smooth" style, it should fit. Go for Top Fuel aero parts!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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