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I was thinking about putting some of the acura integra leather seats into my car. I know that the fron ones fit in pretty nicely with one tiny little mod. Do the Teg rear seats also fit the civic? I have a 99 coupe.... and id love to put some leather in.

also... would the leather look stupid if the door panels are left stock? I havent put too much thought into that.. but was curious if someone could give me some info.

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For the rear, the back part fits fine. The piece where you sit on is a little short on each side, but still looks ok.
95civicEX said:
anything can be fitted, but no they don't fit right in, since they're made for a hatchback there is a different design to the seat
so would the gsr seats fit in my hatchback with ease then? also does anyone know if leather rsx type s seats will fit in my hatch?
You can get the interior panels matched in leather for not a whole lot of money and will drastically change the appearance of your interior instead of unmatched
Yeah u should do the door panels and also the armrest everything will look more flush
The GS-R seats will fit in the front, but will not fit in the back, unless the teg was a 4-door.
thats cool to know they fit well up front.. i always wanted those leather teg seats up front but i thought they took a decent amount of modification to have them fit.
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