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hey guys, I sure could use some help fro all the 5 lug integra converters out there.

Right now I have a 2000 GSR with eibachs prings and KYB agx shocks. I am looking to convert over to the 5-lug type r wheels and tires but i need the brakes. My first concern is, will I need to change the suspension to Type R? Because if i do that woudl be a waste of my eibach/s and kyb's. I think i just need the brakes because the suspension should fit right up to it right? Ok.

Now Ive called auto parts stores and this is the best deal i coudl get on type r brake parts.
Front pads $17.50
Rear pads $17.50
Front rotors $50 /pair
Rear rotors $44 /pair
Front right Caliper $159.99 (a rebuilt unit not new)
Front left caliper $170.99 (a rebuilt unit not new)
Rear calipers $252 /pair (rebuilt units not new)
Brake hoses $33.99/each
parts total:$780.00 with 2 brake hoses

Now i think i need the upper controler arms, bearings, knuckles, hubs? What else? Abs lines or anythign, e-brake lines? Does anyone know of a site that shows how to do the swap? Im trying to do this as cheap as possible but without f---ing anything up. I really like the type r rims and would love to have them on my integra. Please tell me i can do this.

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you will probably need lower control arms as well

ask at any place that does jdm conversions and stuff like jdmhondaparts and other websites like them... they might be able to give you some more details.
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