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integra with skyline front end in super street???

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I was lookin at this superstreet a couple months ago and it had this white integra with this weird front end ...its not the silvia front end i dont like that shit its not a type r its more sleek i was thinking maybe its a skyline kit... if anyone knows what kinda kit it was please let me know i have been looking for it for a while now...thanks
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you sure it's not the S15 strawberry face front end? hmm..

if anything, i'd still take the stock JDM front end conversion for my integra anyday....some dood did a Skyline R33 front bumper..that was wicked =P

my guess....that it was the S15 headlights..cuz the S14 headlights are more slanted...and not sleek
I think the issue youre talking about is February 2002 with all the rsxs all over the magazine. The Integra your talkin about is a 97 Integra LS with S15 Silvia Headlights, JT Evolution II Body Kit, Prelude Taillights, and NSX sides. Looked prety nice, but damn that guys spoiled :( Says for Daily Grind : STUDENT. Most likely meanin he bought all that with his parents money... I'll be happy if my parents help me pay for the down payment for a new car. If only...
I think you are talking about the Integra with the TOP FUEL kit..

pictures enclosed...

hope this helps
this is a better front picture...

here is a picture that I found of an integra with a complete skyline conversion. it was not on superstreet though, it was on a mag called max power. peace
gsrracer knows

hey db8 its not the skyline front end one its alittle skinner the headlights and alot nicer....and mystical its not that kit you send me....if you guys can get a hold of that super guys really need to check it out its really nice...if anyone else knows what i am talkin bout please reply thanks guys
hey guys...

i found the front end and i want you guys to see this and let me know how i come go about getting something like this
that's the s15 front end.

damn i wish i remembered the site selling it for cheap...but yeah, it's a silvia
i had that magazine with that car in it.....i threw it away though, that car was crrrrrrrrrrrap. (to me at least)
Sorry about the picture quality, but I don't have a scanner, but I do have a digital camera...hehe thats the best I could do for the people that didn't know what it looked like. I think its ok, but I don't think I'd ever put that on my car....
thanks ny that car is the shit if anyone knows where i can get that on my car let me know thanks mannn...what year silvia is it from and also what model..
Yeah that is the sylvia s15 head lights. about $900 - $1000 just for the head lights..

call DRG motorsports in Phoenix. 623-882-9888
thats just for the head lights no bumper or anything.....just the lights
So many people put a Y in Silvia. . I never figured that out yet.

It's okay... this is Super Honda.. (but guys elsewhere do it too lol)

And the S15 lights.... you can get cheaper than 900 bucks now... a LOT cheaper. Just shop around n stuff. .

But don't do this to your car. . christ. Looks fine as is, be proud to have a Honda. If you want a Nissan, buy a Nissan.
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