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Just wanted to make a post to discuss some theories I have on the issue. So the fan blows hot all the time regardless of temperature selection on dial, what vents the air comes from, A/C or recirculation on or off. On occasion, if I move temperature dial back and forth about 10 times, I'll get some cooler air from vents. Took a guess on the temperature control valve, connected to heater core, being faulty. No dice on that, valve opens and closes great. I also noticed that with valve connected to actuator cable, while on car, the arm that opens and closes the valve, wouldn't move more than 1/4" or less. Valve moves back and forth much more in hand. With less resistance than new valve I might add.

My theory on what may be causing this issue, is either the potentiometer dial, for the hot/cold adjustment is either worn or dirty, or the actuator servo motor that moves heater control valve cable, is worn, needs lubrication, or is weak..

I ordered a used, pot/dial module from ebay thinking it's the next logical thing to try. Pulling that cable servo motor is going to be a real b*tch if that has to be done..


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