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I haven't started an intro thread, and seeing that I finally decided to post here after a few years of being a member, here's my...intro thread.

Car Info:
-97 Ex with 108K miles
-TD04-H Turbo @ 6psi (shit ebay turbo, but got it rebuilt upon install, long story runs great)
-Ebay FMIC
-Tuned by my brother's invention of adding 2 extra injectors right b4 the throttle body, applied at 3k and 5k rpm's, respectively.
-Stage IV Clutchmasters and 8lb Fidanza flywheel
-3" full exhaust(no cat) with Flowmaster muffler
-Tocico ilumina adjustable shocks
-Hawk front pads, Brembo Blank rotors
-17" w/e rims wrapped with Kumhos
-1 Motor Mount insert installed so far(i'm getting there :D )

Some Pics:

What's pics without vids!
Track vids(Youtube)
Street Race vs Turbo Y8 10psi(putfile)
Vs turbo y8 part dos(putfile)

I need to run it at the track again, my 60ft times were horrible due to wheel hop. I'm not planning on doing any more power adding, prob suspension work, maybe change my radiator/hoses.

Thank you for viewing
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