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if you've been sheltered, it's basically an iphone without the phone part, same size and has a touch screen and all with wifi and browsing capabilities.

downfall? it's $299/399/499 for the 8gb/16gb/32gb models, OUCH

and the screen quality is supposedly inferior to an actual iphone in comparison

no memory slots (big deal to me, i'd rather buy the cheap 8gb model and throw in an sd card for more memory)

ITUNES, yuck, who actually likes itunes? anyone?

if they added an SD or microSD slot i'd buy one right now, the screen quality thing kinda bugs me since i'd put movies on it but i could live with it. but im not paying $300-500 for an mp3 player that doesn't have a memory slot

anyone have one or have opinions?

i also considered waiting for tmobile to pick up the iphone then getting one, then i'd have the real deal, but those don't have a memory slot either =*( maybe someday, i hate apple being proprietary bastards, they do that you spend more money to get the bigger one if you need more room (instead of being able to expand with a memory card)
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