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Is B20 open or closed deck?

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Ok, I have heard both ways. I would like to know for sure if the B20B or B20Z is open or closed deck. I know that every other B block is open deck. I am researching for considerations on putting vtec head on one of these blocks and turbo as well.

SO.....if you know please post a pic if possible. Otherwise, this may just turn into a verbal debate.

Thank you for your help guys!:D
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I wanna say closed..but all the other b series motors are the motor, if its open, buy the block guard. Any one else have a clue???
just found a pic..its open deck
all b series motors are open deck...the H-series is a closed deck
madtownhonda said:
all b series motors are open deck...the H-series is a closed deck
Not all H-series are closed, i cant think of exact years off the top of my head but i think the early versions were closed and the newer versions are open.
Lude-A-Tic , bro if you wnat a good site to research you b20 build up a good place to start is it has a lot of helpfull shit , if you need anything else i just put a b20/vtec together and can answer most any question you may have ..... hit me up at [email protected]
Hey turbob20ek, what mods do you have on your car? Those are some pretty impressive numbers you got. Im planning to convert to a ls/vtec and resleeve it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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