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Is it different?

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Is the rear bumpers of 1996-1998 civics different then the 99-00 civics?

Is the front end (fenders/hood/grille/front bumper/headlights) of a 1999 or 2000 civic BOLT ON to a 1997 civic EX?

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Rear bumpers are the same, front is bolt on. I know someone in here has done it, too bad they haven't responded.

But anyways, please bump your old post on this topic instead of making new ones. Thanks.
The rear bumper is different, the 99-00 flares down/out a little more. I'm in the process of converting the front most of the pieces I need...but as I understand it is bolt on.
But the rear is also a bolt-on, I think that's mostly what he wants to know...

Cool though, finally someone hopped in to help! :)
so much money and work to convert the front end... not sure why anyone would do it.
Except for the faux brake-cooling vents on the sides of the big hole in front, I think the 96-98 front end is a bit nicer, it's not as sharp-edged. A bit softer lines.
did they have flamenco black back in 1997? for the civicS?
The 97 model had "Granada Black Pearl" not Flamenco Black Pearl. Don't know how different they look if at all.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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