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Is my 93 cx wired for a tach or not?

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I wanted to get a gauge cluster from and si and i'm hoping that my cx is already wired for it so i can just plug it in. Anynoe knoow?
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I'm pretty sure you'll need to wire up the tach.
I've also wanted to swap in a cluster with a tach for my DX. I was told by someone who had already performed this on their own car that the wires were already there. All you have to do is plug them in. Help me out if I'm wrong but this is what I was told by someone who said he had already performed the cluster swap.
i'm pretty sure the dx is already wired about it but i dont know about my cx:confused:
on the newer models (92-00) i know they all use the same wiring, you could just plug in a new gauge cluster, no rewiring necessary. i'm pretty sure it's the same with yours, but i can't be certain.
all models are pre-wired for tachs
i just got done putting in a sir gauge cluster in my 92 cx and it plugged right in...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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